Palazzo Pistilli

The Palace Museum Pistilli, the first art-historical museum of Ham­ pobasso, born thanks to the vision and generosityà is a­ mile long tradition of bourgeois collectors, family Eliseo-Praitano.La collection d’ art of Michele Praitano, created in over fifty years of passionate research in Italy and abroad, and later donated to the State, is the più nucleus; consistent. Each work has sé not only the story of its creation and the reflection of an era, and its cultural context, but also the history of the acquisition on the part of this passionate collector: meetings and l’ friendship with artists, antique dealers and other characters; the artistic choices mainly concentrated on the painting of the Neapolitan area nineteenth-twentieth century inspired by realism, impressionism and classicismà ;. The approximately 160 works on display cover a time span of about three hundred years, from the Neapolitan seventeenth century up to a substantial collection of works by artists molisani.La collection is spread over two floors and six rooms, including a multimedia room where other artists' works Molise present at the museum explains to visitors.


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Salita San Bartolomeo, 18
86100 Campobasso


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