Gallery of Modern Art of Genoa

The Gallery of Modern Art of Genoa

The Gallery of Modern Art of Genoa , also known as GAM , owes the collection of the initial nucleus of its collection to Prince Odone of Savoy and to subsequent bequests and purchasing campaigns.

The Gallery of Modern Art is housed in the sixteenth-century Villa Saluzzo di Nervi and houses more than 2,500 works including paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings, dating from the early nineteenth century to the present time.

Among the numerous artists present here are mentioned: Nicolò Barabino, Ernesto Rayper, Alfredo D'Andrade, Vincenzo Cabianca, Plinio Nomellini, Rubaldo Merello, Fortunato Depero, Felice Casorati, Filippo De Pisis, Francesco Messina, Eugenio Baroni, Arturo Martini, Renato Guttuso , Mario Mafai, Corrado Cagli. The GAM also boasts the richest public selection for en-plein-air painting of the Scuola dei Grigi.

Here you can find works by Tammar Luxoro, Alfredo D'Andrade and Ernesto Rayper; one of the largest selections of the pointillist work by Rubaldo Merello and two famous and impressive canvases by Plinio Nomellini.

In the context of s notable culture is the gipsoteca of the great sculptor Giulio Monteverde: more than fifty sculptures are collected here, and, in the room dedicated to the work of Arturo Martini , is kept in life-size, La Convalescente, a wonderful work in terracotta. Among the foreign artists documented in the collections are some of the significant protagonists of international post-impressionism including the American Richard Miller and the Parisian artist Lucien Simon.


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Via Capolungo, 3
16167 Genoa


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