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Raccolte Frugone has been based in Nervi since 1993, in the eighteenth-century villa Grimaldi Fassio , purchased by the Municipality of Genoa in 1979.

The important collections of nineteenth-twentieth-century art of the Frugone brothers - from which the collections take their name - include paintings, sculptures and drawings by Italian and foreign artists active between the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Among the artists represented are: Bistolfi, Fontanesi, Mancini, Messina, Segantini, Signorini, Boldini, Rubino, Milesi, Tito, Michetti and Sorolla y Bastida, Mosè Bianchi, Silvestro Lega, Guglielmo Ciardi, Luigi Conconi, Tranquillo Cremona, Lorenzo Delleani , Giuseppe De Nittis, Giovanni Fattori, Antonio Fontanesi, Emilio Gola, Giacomo Grosso, Francesco Paolo Michetti, Alessandro Milesi, Richard Miller, Giuseppe and Filippo Palizzi, Edoardo Rubino, Telemaco Signorini, Paolo Troubetzkoy.


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Via Capolungo, 9
16167 Genoa


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