The Wolfsoniana , in Genoa, is a modern art gallery that is part of the eastern Genoese museum complex , founded by Mitchell Wolfson Jr. and opened in 1999.

The collection includes complete furnishings, paintings, sculptures and furnishings of various kinds organized in chronological-thematic order, highlighting the different cultural movements, artistic currents and styles represented.

Among the materials on display there are objects in glass, ceramics, wrought iron, silver, fabric, but also graphic architecture projects, posters and materials for advertising, sketches and drawings, books and periodicals.

Inside the museum there are areas dedicated to the evolution of the decorative arts , to work , to travel , to the processes of urban transformations and to the art of propaganda.

Focused mainly on the decorative and propaganda arts of the period 1880 - 1945, the Wolfsonian winds through the main linguistic and expressive currents of the first half of the 20th century, from ArtNouveau to Déco, from the 20th century to Rationalism.


Permanent Collection

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Via Serra Gropallo, 4
16167 Genoa


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