Pinacoteca Nazionale di Sassari

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Pinacoteca Nazionale di Sassari Pinacoteca Nazionale di Sassari

The National Art Gallery of Sassari

The museum was opened in December 2008 in the former Jesuit College of Canopoleno, historic building in the center of Sassari built between the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century by the archbishop of Oristano Antonio Canopolo. The building, past the State in the first half of the nineteenth century, has undergone, in the 90s of the twentieth century, a restoration and adaptation that allows you to make available, in a wide and prestigious space, a state rich artistic heritage received through donations and bequests.

the art Gallery hosts important art collections Tome and Sanna, it kept until recently in the warehouses of the national archaeological Museum GA Sanna, as well as a number of works from various sources, including the ten contemporary art acquired by donating Panicali Battle. Its artistic heritage, made up of more than 490 paintings, sculptures and artifacts included in a time span ranging from the Middle Ages to the mid-twentieth century, documenting various local schools and artists, Italians and Europeans since the late fourteenth century.

the main works, the triptych attributed to the Florentine Mariotto di Nardo (news 1394-1424), the so-called Master of Ozieri tables (mid XVI century), the Magdalene of the Neapolitan Andrea Vaccaro (1604-1670). The most significant works are, however, those of Sardinian artists of the nineteenth and early twentieth century (Giovanni Marghinotti, which the Gallery has the largest collection in Sardinia, Antonio Ballero, Filippo Figari, Giuseppe Biasi, Carmelo Floris, Pietro Antonio Manca, Mario Delitala , Stanis Dessy, Eugenio Tavolara), and the collection of graphic works by Giuseppe Biasi and Stanis Dessy.

Currently, pending completion of further necessary restoration works, the Art Gallery only displays a selection of works of seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, divided by history and thematic areas; However, you can view the most important works by visiting the museum of the institute's website.


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Via Santa Caterina , 4
07100 Sassari


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