Museo Archeologico di Chiavari

Palazzo Rocca

The museum contains archaeological evidence of a monumental burial ground dating to the first Età Iron.

The archaeological investigations carried out at the halfà of the twentieth century in fact led to the discovery of a necropolis “ cremation” divided into three sectors, all’ interior of which is circular fences 92 is rectangular enclosing the so-called“ tombs cassette” that contained a single burial at times, sometimes double, and in exceptional cases plural. The cassette 126 graves contained the urns with many funerary objects and emblematic different according to sex and social role. In particular, women's kits are characterized by the presence of rich ornaments and the bronze clothing items, d’ gold and d’ silver : bracelets, rings, brooches, orbecchini, belts and studs; the men's graves contain numerous iron weapons.

the monumentalityà the burial and the richness of the necropolis kits indicates that in Chiavari were to live a communityà prosperous and dedicated to maritime and land-based businesses.


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Via Costaguta, 4
16043 Chiavari


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