Museo Archeologico Nazionale Domenico Ridola

The Museum

Established in 1911, by the willà Senator Ridola that Don memorize options the state of its important archaeological collections, The museum presents important archaeological findings in the area of ​​Matera. In the exhibition spaces the exhibits follow a chronological and topographical order. In prehistoric section ù finds the most; significant concern ditched villages of età Neolithic, testify that, starting from the sixth millennium B.C., the introduction of agriculture and consequently the structuring of permanent settlements, according to models defined in the Eastern Mediterranean. For più phases; Recent Prehistory and the phase of VI-IV century BC documentation of interestè related to Timmari, just a short drive from Matera. From this center they come from, among other things, some grave goods of the fourth century BC characterized by bronze armor and monumental red-figure vases and numerous votive statuettes, fine workmanship, found in a sacred area.


Permanent Collection

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via Domenico Ridola, 24
75100 Matera


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