Altarese Glass Art Museum

Villa Rosa

Villa Rosa, a liberty-style building designed and built by the architect Nicolò Campora around 1905 on commission of Monsignor Giuseppe Bertolotti, a prominent figure of Savona at the beginning of the century, now houses the Altarese Glass Art Museum.

The variety of floral decorative motifs characterizes the rooms and fixed furnishings of the villa, which houses the collection of glass artifacts from the seventeenth century. nowadays, as well as tools for craftsmanship. The collection testifies to the wealth and well-being achieved by the Altare area thanks to the production and marketing of glass. The glass art, mastered by the masters of Altare and exported to Europe (Bernardo Perotto, glassmaker of the Sun King, came from Altare) and to the world (many Altarese will move to South America in the nineteenth century, starting glass manufacturing).

The Museum houses the Specialized Glass Library and a demonstration furnace for the production of blown glass is installed in the gardens of Villa Rosa.


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Piazza del Consolato, 4
17041 Altare


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