Forte San Giovanni

Fort San Giovanni

Fort St. John which was built around a pre-existing keep, between 1640 and 1644 to a design by Ferdinand Glazer Spanish commander. The perimeter of the strong spread adapting to the hillside andè characterized, to the south by high walls pincer with hanging watchtowers at the corners.

The Finale area, già belonging to the Marquis of Del Carretto, in 1598 it was sold to the Spanish Crown, interested in having access to the sea through which to achieve, without going through the port of Genoa, the Duchy of Milan and Flanders.

With this aim the projects which are all’ adaptation of the fortifications were begun, the construction of a new port and to the improvement of the road networkà between Finale and Milan. The complex was modernized and expanded throughout the‘ 600; during the passage of’ Infanta Margarita of Spain, in 1666, l’ engineer Gaspare Beretta a be memorize options the works of the road accommodation along which lies the strong and that took its name, meant to unite Finale to the territories of Monferrato and Milan.

When in 1713 Finale pass memorize options the Republic of Genoa, the fort was partially demolished in the north. Since then it was abandoned until 1822, when the Savoy government it adapts memorize options a prison, destination he held until the early‘ 900.


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Strada Beretta (Forte San Giovanni)
17024 Finale Ligure


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