Museo Regionale della Ceramica di Deruta

The Museum

Regional Museum of Deruta ceramics è the più old Italian museum for the ceramics; established in 1898, houses more than 6000 works. The route runs from the ground floor to the upper two floors:è introduced by a teaching and describes hall, organized into periods, l’ evolution of Deruta majolica production from the archaic to the twentieth century. To tell the’ art pottery are some subject areas, such as the reconstruction of a’ ancient apothecary, full collections presented, the section of the tiled floors, ceramic luster and that of votive plaques. The contemporary section è primarily made up of works from the Multiple d’ artist in Majolica and the Prize Deruta; archaeological section offers instead a meaningful overview of the main types of pottery produced in ancient times. There memorize options It is unique about the Museum of Deruta alsoè the presence of a metal tower four stories communicating on all levels with the’ convent building: a’ imposing smoke deposits, full of works preserved in glass shelves, open to the public. The tour also includes the’ archaeological area of ​​the kilns of San Salvatore; l’ archaeological investigation of a’ the museum contiguous area revealed a sequence of structures dating from the end of the Two hundred and the beginning of eighteenth century and allowed the recovery of a large number of ceramic finds.


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Largo San Francesco
06053 Deruta


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