Pinacoteca Civica di Reggio Calabria

Pinacoteca Civica di Reggio Calabria

Civic Pinacoteca of Reggio Calabria è a museum that preserves and exhibits works d’ art mainly of propertyà the Municipality of Reggio Calabria. The più works; ancient (XV-XIX century) are derived from the collections of’ former Municipal Museum, founded in 1882 and was abolished in 1948; the più works; modern (XIX-XX centuries) are derived from purchases and donations.

The most ugrave&works; fine from the collections of’ former Municipal Museum are undoubtedly the two wooden tablets St Jerome Penitent   and Three angels visited Abraham  painted by Antonello from Messina around 1460 and purchased by the City of Reggio Calabria in 1890 at Giovanbattista Rota, descendant of a reggina noble family.  Among the state works instead , stand the return of the prodigal son  Matt Priest    the battle of Capua   Andrea Cefaly . Among the modern works, numerous are those of Calabrian artists of the nineteenth century landscapes of reggini Ignazio Lavagna Fieschi and his pupil Giuseppe Benassai and sculptures by Francis Jerace; of the twentieth century paintings by Rubens Santoro Francesco Raffaele, Antonio Cannata, Enzo Benedict; sculptures by Pasquale Panetta and Saverio Gatto. the non Calabrian artists, include John Omiccioli, Giampiero Restellini and Renato Guttuso, of whichè exhibited an ink drawing on paper, Fisherman Scilla,   with whom participant memorize options Biennale d’ Calabrese Art in 1949.


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Via Osanna, 6
89125 Reggio Calabria


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