Museo regionale Agostino Pepoli

The "Agostino Pepoli" Regional Museum

The "Agostino Pepoli" Regional Museum is located in the premises of the former convent of the Carmelite Fathers, a large monumental complex built in the fourteenth century next to the ancient Sanctuary of Maria SS. Annunziata. It was founded in 1908 by the cultured patron from Trapani Agostino Sieri Pepoli, who wanted to offer his hometown collections of antiques and art as a gift, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, majolica, nativity figurines, historical relics, archaeological finds and much more.

Walking through the corridors of the ancient convent, embellished with elegant eighteenth-century stuccoes, one is enchanted by the richness and variety of the collections, which tell us about the history of the city and its territory, the originality of its artistic craftsmanship, the entrepreneurial vivacity of its navy. , the variety of cults and religious traditions. The visitor can freely range from the Renaissance sculptures by Antonello Gagini to the rich art gallery, which includes works by Titian, Abraham Brueghel and Giacomo Balla, from the colorful Sicilian, Neapolitan, Faentine and Venetian majolica to the archaeological finds that narrate the ancient history of the territory, from the collection of trapanese nativity figures in wood, canvas and glue to the relics of Garibaldi's epic in Sicily.

Witness the centuries-old devotion to the miraculous Virgin, kept in the adjacent sanctuary, the precious treasure of the Madonna of Trapani, a true summa of Sicilian goldsmithing from the late sixteenth to the nineteenth century, in which the splendor of gold is combined with polychromy enamels and precious gems, with the purity of rock crystal or the sparkle of scaramazze pearls. Finally, the flagship of the Museum is the collection of coral works, which includes artifacts of sacred and profane use, an expression of the technical expertise and creative flair of the highly skilled Trapani coral makers: they are chalices and monstrances, crucifixes and rosary crowns, and bolsters, amulets and jewels, which once populated the altars of churches or the sumptuous residences of the Sicilian aristocracy and which today animate the sparkling section of the "Mirabilia".


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Via Conte Agostino Pepoli, 200
91100 Trapani


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