Palazzo Fava - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

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Palazzo Fava

Inaugurated in 2011, Palazzo Fava is today the Palazzo delle Esposizioni of Genus Bononiae. Museums in the city .

With an area of over 2600 square meters, it hosts national and international exhibitions, such as "The Girl with a Pearl Earring" and "From Cimabue to Morandi-Felsina Pittrice" . The main floor preserves the first cycle of frescoes from the career of the young Annibale, Agostino and Ludovico Carracci, commissioned by Filippo Fava in 1584.

Among the panels stands out the episode of the nocturnal enchantments of Medea , with the sorceress in the act of purifying herself at the stream under the rays of the moon, defined as the first modern nude in the history of art by the art historian Andrea Emiliani. The origins of Palazzo Fava date back to the Middle Ages , but the current structure took shape in the Renaissance, with the restoration works commissioned by the Fava family, one of the oldest families in the city, who came into possession of it in 1546.

After the extinction of the Fava-Ghisilieri branch, the building first came to the Medici family , then to the Grand Hotel Majestic (formerly Baglioni).

In 2005 the entire complex was purchased by the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation in Bologna, completely restored and returned to the city as Palazzo delle Esposizioni.


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Via Manzoni, 2
40121 Bologna


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