Sword Gallery

Sword Gallery

Galleria Spada in Rome houses the important collection of Baroque painting created during the seventeenth century by Cardinals Bernardino and Fabrizio Spada. The refinement of its art collection, which still appears in overlapping rows as in a 17th century picture gallery, gives this place a unique charm, accentuated by its characteristic dimension of a precious family collection.

Galleria Spada is housed in one of the most beautiful buildings in Rome, the sixteenth-century Palazzo Capodiferro . Four original rooms exhibit works by famous artists, such as Titian, Guido Reni or Artemisia Gentileschi, together with the most articulated overview of Italian seventeenth-century painting, represented, for example, by Guercino, Pietro Testa known as il Lucchesino or Giovan Battista Gaulli. , witnessed here through some of their highest achievements.

In the rooms of Galleria Spada it is also possible to retrace the history of the "genres" of painting, such as that of the portrait, expressed through the works of Bartolomeo Passerotti and Prospero Fontana , or that of the landscape, with works ranging from the end of Sixteenth century until the beginning of the eighteenth century, including the names of Nicolò dell'Abate, Dughet and Van Lint.

Italian and European Caravaggesque painting is widely represented in the last room of the museum, with absolute masterpieces by Orazio Gentileschi and Michelangelo Cerquozzi and with a large collection that ranges from Borgianni to Baglione, to Cavarozzi and Mattia Preti, as well as to all the trends of the European Caravaggism, such as the French one, expressed by Regnier, Tournier and Valentin de Boulogne, or the Nordic one of Van Laer and Van Somer.

A collection of archaeological works, arranged in the antique style on 17th century stools in decorated wood or on extraordinary carved and gilded Baroque wall tables, completes the collection.

At the end of the museum itinerary on the first floor, we visit the Secret Garden, which preserves the most spectacular Baroque artifice in Rome, the illusionistic Colonnade (or Perspective) created in 1653 by Francesco Borromini for Cardinal Bernardino Spada.


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