Palazzo Baldeschi

Palazzo Baldeschi

Palace Museum Baldeschi , located at Corso Vannucci in the historic center of Perugia,è a’ ancient noble residence of propertyà Foundation of Perugia Savings Bank whose origins date back to the end of the fourteenth century and is characterized by a magnificent frescoed noble floor which usuallyè reserved for important temporary exhibitions organized by the Art Foundation CariPerugia which manages the palace and its activitiesà ;.&Nbsp;

The other four floors house prestigious collections d’ art that the Foundation wanted to share with the cityà of Perugia and with its visitors, creating a multidisciplinary space and a pole of attraction in which the’ art, in its various forms,è absolute star.


In the rooms on the third and fourth floor of the Palazzo, recently undergone accurate restoration,è hosted the historic collection of works d’ art of the Foundation that ranges from 1400 to 1900 and, including the various legacies that’ they embellished over the years,è consisting of over 200 pieces, including paintings, sculptures and drawings by famous artists, among which masters such as Perugino, Pinturicchio, Signorelli, Matteo from Gualdo and Niccol memorize options Liberatore,  said  the’ Pupil. A monographic sectionè reserved for  Gian Domenico Cerrini,  horse painter between classicism and baroque, while the’ contemporary art among othersè This Gerardo Dottori, among the foremost artists of Futurism and teacher of’ aeropittura. &Nbsp;


It consists of more than seven hundred works, ranging from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, the precious and senz’ another original collection Alessandro Marabottini  set up with the works collected in’ span of a lifetime and donated to the Foundation by the Florentine collector, a long history of teacher’ art at the’ Università Perugia.  The peculiaritiesà of the exhibition lies in the fact that from the grand foyer d’ access to the  second floor of the building the visitorè welcomed by the reconstruction of the noble house inhabited by Marabottini in Florence, whose rooms were reproduced almost faithfully.


The Museum finally exposes the Renaissance Majolica Collection of the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio of Perugia. Consisting of about 150 piecesè a unique collection in the world for qualityà and raritiesà the works that make it up.


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Corso Vannucci, 66
06121 Perugia


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