San Giorgio in Poggiale


Made all’ inside of a sixteenth-century church, the Library d’ Art and St. George History in Poggiale holds from 2009 l’ large library collections of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna and hosts important works d’ contemporary art, such as Campo dei Fiori and the monumental de-location Claudio Parmiggiani , in addition to that Cathedral Piero Pizzi Cannella. Designed and built between 1589 and 1633 by’ architect Tommaso Martelli, was entrusted to the Servite Fathers until 1798. its name comes from the way that it faces (now via Nazario Sauro), known until 1919 as a way of Poggiale. Partly destroyed in the bombing of the Sept. 25, 1943, it was definitively desecrated and never againù reopened for worship, stripped of its furnishings and d’ art. Risks memorize options to be demolished to’ beginning of the‘ 60, but was acquired by the Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna, which after a careful restoration, the fate memorize options a seat of its own collections. The bookseller heritage includes moreù 100,000 books of history books and history of’ local art .Of significant valueè Also the photo library consisting of approximately 60,000 phototypes that preserve and testify to the urban changes of Bologna.


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Via Nazario Sauro, 20/2
20401 Bologna


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