Palazzo Pepoli - Museum of the History of Bologna

Museum of the History of Bologna

The Museum of the History of Bologna in Palazzo Pepoli Vecchio was inaugurated in January 2012.

Heart of Genus Bononiae , it represents an innovative museum itinerary dedicated to the history, culture and transformations of Bologna , from the Etruscan Felsina to the present day. A surprising, multimedia and sensory journey through 2500 years of history.

At the center of the covered courtyard, the architect Bellini has placed the “Torre del Tempo” , a glass and steel structure flooded with natural light from above. The Tower “reinvents” the court and evokes the Bologna of the Towers, making the entire visit path between the ground floor and the main floor possible and fluid.

Palazzo Pepoli Vecchio, ancient residence of one of the most important families of Bologna in medieval times, is the result of numerous architectural additions and stratifications. Its history begins in 1276, when Romeo Pepoli buys the first buildings, and continues in 1344 , when his son Taddeo Pepoli erects the first nucleus of the building.

The Pepoli family, the first to govern Bologna at the time of the Signorie, remained the owner of the building until 1910. Acquired in 2003 by the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation in Bologna , it is the seat of the Museum of the History of Bologna , with the restoration and the museum exhibition by Mario Bellini and with graphics by Italo Lupi.


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Via Castiglione, 8
40125 Bologna


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