Civic Museum of Feltre

Civic Museum of Feltre

Perhaps built in the fifteenth century as a palace - warehouse and then heavily damaged during the Cambrian war, it was rebuilt in Renaissance style. Acquired immediately after the First World War by the Municipality of Feltre , it was used as the seat of the Civic Museum and for this reason - in the 1920s - restored under the guidance of the architect Alberto Alpago Novello.

At the end of the intervention, pictorial collections, furnishings, ceramics and furnishings from the 15th-19th centuries found space in the renovated rooms. Particularly noteworthy is the precious art gallery which includes works by Gentile Bellini, Vittore Belliniano, Giambattista Cima da Conegliano, Jacopo Palma the Younger, Lorenzo Luzzo , Pietro Liberi, Gregorio Lazzarini and Pietro della Vecchia. The collection of wooden sculptures is noteworthy, from the polychrome ones of the 16th-18th centuries to the model of the fountain by Valentino Panciera Besarel (1863).

The ground floor of the building, basement and dug into the rock on which the building rests, houses the Archaeological Museum of Feltre in a rare warehouse structure with shops.


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Via Lorenzo Luzzo 23
32032 Feltre


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