Archeodromo e Parco Archeologico di Poggio Imperiale

Archeodromo e Parco Archeologico

L’ Archeodromo Poggibonsiè a’ unique and immersive experience, a journey back in time to the time of Charlemagne and was born to play in 1: 1 one of the più major discoveries made on the  Hill, Poggio Imperiale. It is a village of the Frankish period (IX– halfà the tenth century), which recognizes the shape of a possible company manorial with a main residence consists of a large hut (longhouse) of 17 x 8.5 meters, surrounded from different più structures; small intended for activitiesà crafts and all’ storage of food and agricultural products, as well asé by service buildings.

Opened in 2014 and expanded in 2016, l’ Archeodromo Poggibonsiè a project that pursues the reconstruction  in progress  of  17 structures  found in the village excavation of the Carolingian period: currently been built  longhouse, a peasant hut with bush and hen house, the blacksmith's forge, a furnace bread, two barns and l’ garden; Added to these are some temporary sheds for activitiesà craft intended but in the near future to be replaced by other structures. Over the next few years, in fact, l’ Archeodromo sarà expanded with the reconstruction of many other huts, the butcher, the barn, the employees of huts, from the ceramic furnace and all other ancillary structures for activityà economic focused on the agricultural use of the surrounding land and on’ farming.

The environments of the Northwest bastion host  two museum exhibitions, one focusing on’ evolution of’ Renaissance fortified architecture as a result of’ introduction of gunpowder, l’ another on the materials coming from the excavation, and in particular osteological and ceramic findings.


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Via della Fortezza c/o Cassero Mediceo
53036 Poggibonsi


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