Teatro romano di Grumento Nova

Museo archeologico nazionale dell'Alta Val d'Agri

L’ archaeological site of Grumentum , thriving center Luke conquered by Rome in the third century BC, is a unique example in Basilicata Roman urban structure preserved or almost asé integrally until today. The visit is realized in a landscaped area of ​​exceptional power in which public and private spaces of the cityà are articulated; Roman, still outlined by the regularityà the ancient roads. From theater are within the temple Italic domus with mosaic and along the pavement of the decumanus, l’ area Forum with public buildings - civil and religious: Capitol, Cesareo, Porticus, Curia and Basilica. The route then continues up to the imperial baths and monumental amphitheater, strategically located on the eastern fringes of the hill.


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Contrada Spineta
85050 Grumento Nova


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