Il Castello di Novara

The Novara Castle

In 2006, after a long period the Castle had been closed, it has begun its renovation plan. In the same year was also established the Castello Visconteo Sforzesco Foundation in Novara.  The restoration, completed in 2016, allowed the Castle to come back to life: the historic walls are now co-existing with modern elements, giving  the spaces a unique charm. Thanks to these open space areas, it is possible to organize events, conferences, dinners and art exhibitions, adapting them to the different needs requested by the event organizers.

The Castle, being part of cultural heritage, aims, through any events organized, to establish itself as most important cultural hub of the city. Thus, every year the art exhibition calendar is carefully planned to keep high cultural standards, however, as well as art exhibition, many  other events are organized, each of them attracting different targets: from families with children to young people interested in music. Alongside there are also many food and wine events, which always pay particular attention to the promotion of the products typical of the area of Novara.

Among this wide choice it is possible to distinguish some top events thanks to the high standard of the artistic proposals supported by an effective communication campaign. These kinds of events have considerably helped to increase the image of the Castle, both in terms of visits and social media views or web searches, as well as tourist attraction and location for events.


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Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 3
28100 Novara


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