Rocca Roveresca di Senigallia

The Fortress

Roveresca Rocca di Senigallia is set near the Adriatic coast, in place right from’ antiquityà considered strategic for the defense of the cityà from the incursions of enemies coming from the sea. On existing buildings from Roman times it was raised in età a medieval coastal watch tower, which over the centuriesè It was moreù times enlarged and enclosed in curtain walls always più large, to become the great Renaissance fortress we see today.

La Rocca, così asè today, was built between 1476 and 1482 from John Della Rovere , appointed Lord of Senigallia and vicar of Mondavio by Pope Sixtus IV, aka his uncle Francesco Della Rovere.

For the construction of his residence the Duke Giovanni Della Rovere made use of the best architects of the time: Luciano Laurana, famous architect of the ducal Palace in Urbino, progett memorize options the residential part of the fortress; Baccio Pontelli, a talented military engineer, port memorize options to completion l’ work of Laurana also realizing the defensive structure that surrounds it.


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Piazza del Duca, 2
60019 Senigallia

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