Mulin dul Tacc

Mulin Dull Tac

The Millè one of the museum cells of’ Regional Ecomuseum of Soapstone and Stonemasons, recognized by the Piedmont Region, in 2007.

Old mill with three millstones with mache for hemp, rebuilt in its original aspect integrated multimedia tour route. Three large millstones and an oil mill, which have witnessed two centuries d’ water and work, tell the story of Mulin dul Tac, così said the name of’ last miller.  With its four stone structures moved from’&water was the most ugrave; large mill of Val Vigezzo and one of the più old that preserves intact (goes back at least to the first halfà the nineteenth century), a reference point for the milling of cereals and chestnuts and kneading hemp hundreds of Valley families.  Through the facilities and original artifacts , faithfully restored, flanked by teaching and media, the path to’ mill internal addresses the issues of the millstones operation and related processes, but also tells the productive cycles that were behind the mill itself: the cultivation of rye, treatment chestnuts, the lunge and laborious operations related to the textile production, with particular reference to hemp, which was weakened in the crusher present at’ Mill interior.



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Via Giovanni XXIII 37
28854 Zornasco di Malesco


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