Ancient Dairy of Beura Cardezza Museum of dairy products

Ancient Dairy of Beura Cardezza Museum of dairy products

The Museum is housed in the premises of the ancient Social Dairy of Beura and preserves the tools of the trade and documents from that era, and tells the story of milk processing in the last century. On April 15, 1926, the Beura Dairy was established in Beura with the aim of offering local families a place to produce cheese. The dairy was built near the Ogliana stream to facilitate the entry of water useful for cooling milk, butter and soft cheeses. The freshly milked milk was deposited, measured and recorded, and according to the quantity of milk the farmer had the possibility to take home a proportional quantity of cheese. The "cuagià", or curdling, was daily and it was up to a different partner each time. Today the old dairy is a museum that, in the three exhibition rooms, traces all the processes of that ancient activity, from the processing of milk to maturing up to sale and storage.


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via G.Mazzini, 2
28851 Beura Cardezza


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