Museum of Uses and Customs of the Trentino People

Museum of Uses and Customs of the Trentino People

The Museum of Uses and Customs of the Trentino People, founded in 1968 by Giuseppe Šebesta, located in the ancient Augustinian building of San Michele all'Adige (TN), is one of the major Italian museums of popular traditions. In a well-structured itinerary, the Museum illustrates the various aspects of the agrosilvopastoral system of the Trentino mountains, with its large water machines - mills, forges, sawmills - and its rich artisan traditions in contact with wood, copper, iron, ceramics, textile fibers, stone, bringing to light the material elements of a self-sufficient and ingenious peasant world. References to the immaterial and symbolic universe complete the itinerary: costume, music, folklore, masks, devotion, trophies.


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via Mach, 2
38098 San Michele All'Adige


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