Museo dello Spazzacamino di Santa Maria Maggiore

Museo Dello Spazzacamino Di Santa Maria Maggiore

The Museum tells, through a display of materials, music, sounds and sensations, the harsh experience of the chimney sweep, who has marked for centuries the lives of the Vigezzo Valley.&Nbsp; The first ever chimney sweeps were the Vigezzo, we find around l’ Europe in the first halfà 1500. Determiningè always been in this business l’ children's intake, which, with their slender stature managed to slip on the hood and ensure with the rasp and a brush thorough job. The phenomenon of“&rdquo ;, small rusca the boy chimney sweeps, involved, especially in the decades between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, most vigezzine families, forced to“ lease, rent” at least one of their children to the“ masters”.  Hundreds of small six, seven years is found to do the season (September to April) and to spend Christmas away from home, amid the smoke, frost and fog lowland or“ low&rdquo ;, term that showed their work area. 

the parents subjecting their children to this hard experience just to have one less mouth to feed during the long winter. It was, that of small rusca, a life of toil, hardship and suffering Becauseé their masters with rare exceptions were cruel and did not spare the ill-treatment.  The phenomenon of small rusca&Low What you igrave; between 1940 and 1950 with the disappearance of fireplaces, stoves and replaced by modern heating systems.


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Villa Antonia
28857 Santa Maria Maggiore


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