Area archeologica di Rossano di Vaglio

Area Archeologica di Rossano di Vaglio

The archaeological site contains a  Luke important federal sanctuary, located in the wooded area in close proximityà of a source and dedicated to Mefite, dea osca connoted by the power to heal with water. In the second century BC the sacred areaè the subject of a massive restructuring, linked to the Roman presence in the territory, and remains active until the first halfà the first century A.D. The numerous inscriptions found in it which are written in Oscan documenting a strong sense of community identityà Lucan.  The sacred complex consists of a square, a’ large area paved with large irregular flagstones of limestone, the center of whichè placed the so-called“ altar&rdquo ;. Around the square opening a series of environments that bear traces of restructuring and monumentalization età Roman.  Centralè the role of’ water, element linked to the godsà Luke, as a symbol of purification and fertilityà and wealth; in the square preserves the gutter of the spring waters captured and conducted to’ sacred area. There were also high water projects età Roman for the flow of water that characterize some of the exteriors of the churchyard.  The latest surveys conducted by the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Basilicata helped to deepen better knowledge of the attendance phase età lucana with the discovery of a large wall that delimited towards the’ sacred area downstream, obliterated in one of the successive phases of monumentalization and restructuring of’ sacred area due to the continuous landslides that have affected the’ area since ancient times.


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Area archeologica
85010 Vaglio Basilicata


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