Cisterna Romana di Amelia

The Roman Cistern

Roman cistern takes the visitor in’ underground Amelia, just below the’ now Piazza Matteotti, corresponding to’ ancient Roman forum. L’è imposing building; consists of a large rectangular room carved into the limestone rock and divided into ten parallel compartments communicating, covered with barrel vaults and covered with a masonry small stones (opus incertum).

The complex  is one of the best examples of sub romanizationì process to the small Umbrian center around the first century BC It was built for the collection of’ rainwater for potable use. Very well preserved, has kept all its fundamental components: the input system of’ water, the internal device of adjustment of its level and of the cistern emptying system.

In a corner of the first compartmentè ; preserved a small portion of  flooring, made with bricks. Interestingè the presence of the stamp with the owner's name of the brick factory,   Caius Atilius Fortunatus.


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Via A. Vera, 10
05022 Amelia


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