Museo Nazionale dell’Antartide Felice Ippolito

The National Museum Of Antarctica

The exhibition of the National Antarctic Museum - Section of Siena (developed on an area of ​​about 250 square meters) is organized according to a thematic path that, starting from the history of exploration and development of science on the continent, it touches the main ones The themes of Antarctic research: geology, glaciple, paleoclimatology, biology, atmosphere and sea sciences, thematic cartography.

Antarctica - The Antarktikòs of the Greek Myth - Terra Australis Nondum Cognita Until 16.imosecolo, becomes a Terra Sognita only in the 20th century, first with the "heroic phase" of shipments and then following the international geofisic year (1957-58) . The polar regions - and Antarctica in particular - play a fundamental role in regulating the entire land system, influencing the climate, ecosystems and the community of the living, including man.si face here the historical, political and scientific themes From Antarctica through a path that includes finds, images, bibliographic and cartographic materials, multimedia systems with the aim of offering the educational system and the citizen an information tool, knowledge and reflection.

At the National Museum of Antarctica - Section of Siena, therefore, over 20,000 samples of rocks and fossils are preserved and over 1,000 meteorites collected in Antarctica during shipments of the National Research program in Antarctica. The library also collects over 5,000 securities published starting from 1840, concerning the multiple aspects of the polar regions, from international law to land sciences, the conservation of the environment to scientific dissemination, from biology to exploration.

Finally, the visitor can observe the rocks, minerals and antarctic meteorites, touch fossil trunks of 300 million years, and through movies and interactive stations observe the life of living animals on the continent and in the sea, look for an area of ​​ice Blue meteorites.


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Via del Laterino, 8
53100 Siena


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