Cassioli Museum. Sienese painting of the nineteenth century

The Cassioli Museum

The Cassioli Museum in Asciano was built in 1991 thanks to the important legacy of works by the Cassioli family, originally from Asciano, and refurbished in 2007 with the increase of numerous works in storage by the "Duccio di Buoninsegna" Art School of Siena.

The museum is the only museum in the province entirely dedicated to 19th century Sienese painting and is divided into two sections. The first exhibits sketches and completed works of those who were the protagonists of the Academy of Fine Arts of Siena, directed by Luigi Mussini from 1851 to 1888: Angelo Visconti, Cesare Maccari, Pietro Aldi and many other artists who were able to represent episodes from the ancient world and mythology but also be careful witnesses of their time.

Luigi Mussini, an unyielding supporter of purist aesthetics against the advent of realism, intended to resurrect a recognizable "Sienese school" inspired by the organization of Renaissance workshops.

The second part of the Museum is dedicated to the artistic career of Amos Cassioli, with works carried out in Florence where the artist fixed his residence and where his son Giuseppe, who was an eclectic painter, architect and above all sculptor, was educated.


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Via Fiume, 8
53041 Asciano


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