Civic Archaeological and Sacred Art Museum Palazzo Corboli

The Civic Archaeological and Sacred Art Museum of Asciano

The Archaeological and Sacred Art Civic Museum of Asciano is housed in Palazzo Corboli, formerly known as the Bargagli farm. The ancient building, of great historical importance and with remarkable decorative cycles, represents a rare example of medieval palatium, and was built by the Sienese Bandinelli, merchants and owners of mills and other buildings, in the second decade of the 13th century, years in which the Republic of Siena extended its domains on the territory of Asciano.

Despite the important transformations it has undergone over the centuries, the palace still retains some original parts, such as the Sala di Aristotle and the Sala delle Stagioni, where the two cycles of fourteenth-century allegorical frescoes attributed to Cristoforo di Bindoccio and Meo di Pero stand out, in which they were transmitted ethical and political messages addressed to the people who frequented these spaces.

The path of the Sacred Art Section of the Palazzo Corboli Museum offers the works of the greatest Sienese artists from the thirteenth to the seventeenth century: you can admire the Birth of the Virgin by the Master of the Observance, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, and again Taddeo di Bartolo, Matteo di Giovanni , Rutilio Manetti, Bernardino Mei and Francesco Nasini, as well as some wooden sculptures among which those of Francesco di Valdambrino and Giovanni Pisano stand out.

These are works by Sienese artists who celebrate, in the "province" and after a century, the tradition of city painting of the fourteenth-century masters, demonstrating a vein of commissions from the nascent agrarian aristocracy. Also noteworthy is the collection of goldsmiths and liturgical furnishings.


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Corso Matteotti, 122
53041 Asciano


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