Collezioni di preistoria, archeologia classica, archeologia medievale

Medieval And Archeological Collection

The documentary heritage of the University of Siena, today present in the offices of the various sections of the Department of Historical Sciences and Cultural Heritage, includes collections that were formed over thirty years of research and investigation in Tuscany, Italy and All 'abroad. The archaeological collections in the strict sense are added the educational materials in the form of replicas, casts, copies concerning the productions and artistic manifestations.

The archeology collections, currently in temporary storage in the department's laboratories, are made up of finds found during field research activities (excavations and recognitions) and educational collections, panels, reproductions and replicas. The heritage includes stone artifacts, ceramics, metals and glasses, coins, frescoes, faunistic, paleobotanic and anthropological finds; Some sets constitute thematic collections in chronological, cultural or archaeological site. The most consistent collections are related to the collections of the ceramic productions of various civilizations in the ancient world, from prehistory to the Renaissance, mainly from Tuscany; In fact, they are strictly connected to the research activity that takes place mainly in the region.

The museum system of the University of Siena (Simus) represents the tangible result of centuries of study and research in the Sienese territory. The system is a sum of the evolution of thought, not only scientific, through collections of instruments, finds, educational models, memorabilia and archive documents. Thanks to the passionate commitment of researchers and university staff, these museum realities still constitute an effective educational tool for teaching and disclosure of knowledge.


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Via Roma, 56
53100 Siena


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