MAR - Regional Archaeological Museum is located in the center of Aosta. The museum was created to preserve and enhance the archaeological finds, and the route looks a thematic and chronological way. Among the most important items you will find exhibits from the Gallo border. Here are the two rooms devoted to funerary rituals where they presented some furnishings found inside the tombs, in addition to the reconstruction of a funeral bed of the San Rocco necropolis situated at the eastern entrance of the Roman city. The spaces dedicated funerary epigraphy and cults of the region exhibiting various findings on which stand the famous bronze Balteo with battle scenes between Romans and Barbarians and the bust of Jupiter Graio in embossed silver, found on the Little St Bernard Pass, associated with a rich ritual kit. The exhibition on the Roman concludes with exhibits related to personal ornamentation, luxury and well-being. The Christian Middle Ages is reflected in the small room that closes the route with the exposure of the ambo of the eighth century, found during excavations at the Cathedral of Aosta, and some grave goods, from the fourth to the fourteenth century, including glasses decorated in gold with Saints theory and knight sword with spurs from Sant'Orso. The Museum also houses the prestigious numismatic collection "Pautasso" of coins from the Greek to the Savoy period. Important collection of Celtic coins, Gallic and Po. The Carugo Collection hall houses finds from the Etruscan civilization of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

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