Museo Civico Lanuvino

Museo Civico Lanuvino

The Civic Lanuvino was established following the discovery of archaeological remains in the nineteenth century, which took place in Piazza della Maddalena during the construction of the Town Hall, and it was in the premises on the ground floor of the same building, from 1913, found memorize options Originally his sede.Dismesso due to structural damage caused by’ Second World War,è returned to its original location since 2001 to preserve and enhance the archaeological evidence from the territory of the’ ancient Lanuvium and medieval Civita Lavinia.Da then the museum's collections were enriched with both the material found during the excavations carried out by the Museum in collaboration with the Superintendency of heritage Archaeologists of Lazio and of’ Southern Etruria and the graduate School of Sapienza Università Rome, both of the material recovered from the Tax Police of Rome in the Guardia di Finanza’ important discovery occurred at the end of summer Pantanacci archaeological site of 2012. In 2013, youè così proceeded to’ establishment of the Decentralized Museum of Lanuvio that began with the’ inauguration of a new museum located in Piazza Antoninus Pius n. 24 (a short walk from City Hall), called the Hall of Stipe Votive in Località Pantanacci. In 2017, thereè It was l’ expansion of the section of the finds from the same stipe and, in addition, those from the stipe Ajello, with l’ open another exhibition space, this time located in Via Roma n. 1a, and called Hall of the Snake Cave (whose statue of III sec. A. C., are preserved in its interior, some portions in peperino) .I always to 2017 date: l’ opening of a section dedicated to the fifteenth period called“ The Castle of Civita Lavinia - prison Stendhal” hosted all’ interior of the medieval tower overlooking Piazza Carlo Fontana; the realization of the Archaeological Sanctuary Path of Juno Sospita (connecting various terraces of Colle San Lorenzo where, between the end of the’ nineteenth and l’ beginning of the twentieth century, were discovered, among others, the remains of the Temple of Juno and the Portico called the Antonine); l’ inauguration of an exhibition, now permanent, set up in the Hall of Columns located on the ground floor of Villa Sforza-Cesarini (built in the middle of the shrine's area in the early twentieth century), entitled“ Holy Nemora - the sacred culture in the sanctuaries contexts in Albana Area. Archaeological finds and recoveries of the Guardia di Finanza” organized by the Municipal Museum in collaboration with the Lanuvino MiBACT and Tax Police Rome Police Finanza.Tornando of the Civic Museum, the various rooms whereè articulate, home to a section of Roman and pre-Roman period, an epigraphic section, a section dedicated to everyday life in’ antiquityà and, since 2015, a section dedicated to the temple of Juno Sospita. Quest’ last section contains a plastic commissioned by’ Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, reproducing 1:20 scale l’ temple area from which the proto vessels coming and the tombs (terracotta artifacts and bronze jewels) exhibited in the same room. All the sections are accompanied by a series of explanatory panels of historical photographs and photos of più recent invoice (including some airlines made the drone) regarding the finds and the most ugrave&monuments; significant, the conjectures, and fact sheets that allow you to approach with simplicityà the ancient world and to enjoy freely even of museum collections.

In order to promote and popularize the history of the museum and the territory to which it belongs, they are conducted guided tours of the various museums and archaeological sites of Lanuvio, numerous activitiesà educational, of research in close contact and training with the Superintendence For Archaeologists Heritage of Lazio and of’ Southern Etruria. For the same purpose, products have been a series of dé pliant, volumes and scientific publications like the necklace of the Notebooks of the Museum of Lanuvio, in whose scientific committee may include prestigious scholars internazionale.Per those who prefer a più approach; playful and technology, as well as a documentary series translated into several languages, were also produced mini-videos (easily found on the web) and a’ audio guide in the app free download from Iz platform. 


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Piazza della Maddalena, 16
00075 Lanuvio


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