Museo Borgogna

Museo Borgogna

A treasure trove of masterpieces in the heart of Vercelli, the Burgundy Museum is just a few steps from the medieval Piazza Cavour. The three-story building, già home of the founder, the collector Vercellese Antonio Burgundy (1822- 1906), has an extensive and eclectic collection of paintings, objects, furniture, sculptures and drawings as well as an important and prestigious historical photographic archive. The Museumè became in time the house also works from the area, from donations and part of the patrimony of the Institute of Fine Arts citizen.

Today exposes a heritage that goes from the fifteenth to the twenty-first century. The House-Museum of Antonio Burgundy, enhanced by the recent re-stagings, welcomes visitors with its collection of breath and international origin (Bosschaert, Baldung Grien, Kaufmann, Norman, Nikoutosky), in which there is no shortage prestigious works of Italian masters (Sodoma Gaudenzio Ferrari, Elizabeth Sirani, Ludovico Carracci, Massimo D'Azeglio, Stefano Ussi, Gaetano Chierici and Angelo Morbelli).

Numerous activitiesà throughout the year, with the show“ The Art is felt&rdquo ;,“ Le età Museum– Project Daedalus” and for the mostù young“ games ... d 'Art”.

It is also constantly renew the teaching program dedicated to schools and special public.

A living museum that likes to host events and activitiesà ;, surprise and involve the più visitors; curious!


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Via Antonio Borgogna, 4
13100 Vercelli


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