Sala delle Asse

Sala delle Asse - Leonardo da Vinci

The Sala delle Asse is a room of the Castello Sforzesco decorated by Leonardo da Vinci.

In fact, at the time of the government of Galeazzo Maria Sforza (1466-1476) the Sala delle Asse was lined with wooden planks, one of the methods used to repair the rooms from cold and humidity, from which the current name derives. In 1498 Ludovico il Moro entrusted the pictorial decoration to Leonardo.

Da Vinci transformed the Sala delle Asse into a complicated arboreal pergola, created by the intertwining of the fronds of sixteen mulberry trees and embellished with ropes. On the walls he painted the sturdy trunks planted on a high embankment, creating monochrome roots, stones and a landscape. The choice of mulberry or jasmine trees, solid and robust, was a sure reference to the nickname of Sforza, called Moro for his dark complexion and recalled his role in the spread of the mulberry plantation, at the base of the flourishing silk production in Lombardy . After the passage of the Castle to the Municipality of Milan (1893), the German historian Paul Müller-Walde carried out between 1893 and 1894 investigations on the vault of the Castle room, bringing to light fragments of the painted decoration made for Ludovico il Moro.



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