The Archeological Area Of Tharros

In the fabulous setting of the Sinis, between Cape San Marco, the hill of the tower of St. John and the rise of Su Murru Mannu, lies between the sea and ponds, the ancient city of Tharros.Il archaeological site the result of the superposition of the different cultures that have occurred from the Punic period to the early medieval. The first signs of the area date back to the Nuraghic period (1500-1200 a. C.), but the city of Tharros was founded in the late eighth century. BC by Phoenician colonists coming presumably from the city of Sidon.

Among the various testimonies scattered around the area the most significant are the necropolis and the temple of Cape San Marco, the necropolis of San Giovanni di Sinis and tofet Phoenician Murru Mannu. It has recently been highlighted also the ancient Phoenician port Punic, located south of the western mirror of the pond Mistras. Since the end of the sixth century to 238 BC Tharros becomes covered by the interest of territorial and commercial Carthage. due to its strategic geographical position. Also important are the changes that the center then undergoes. To this period the remains of massive walls on Murru Mannu hill, the rich necropolis of the south and north, the tofet punico and the temples of the semi Doric columns, the temple at court and the temple distylous, restored later in republican Roman phase. In 238-237 BC Tharros was conquered by the Romans. Witnesses to the slow but gradual Romanization of the city are the northern walls and the temple distylous on San Giovanni hill. They date back alll'età Imperial (buckets. I a. C-IV AD), the most important evidence, such as the many thermal baths, the traces of a small amphitheater, an important road and sewer system, the aqueduct, the castellum aquae, the hole and several temples. Among the limited but significant examples of early medieval period includes a baptismal font of the V-VI century. Tharros, who became the first capital of Arborea, was abandoned in 1070.

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Località Tharros
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