Archaeological Area "Su Nuraxi" of Barumini

Su Nuraxi Archaeological Area

The Archaeological Area of Su Nuraxi is located in the nearby historic center of the city of Barumini, in southern Sardinia. Literally translated "Su Nuraxi" means "human settlement" dating back to the Nuragic age. Su Nuraxi is one of the largest and oldest villages in Sardinia. The oldest structure of the nuraghe consists of a central tower with three superimposed chambers built between the seventeenth century BC and the twelfth century BC Later, in the Iron Age, the complex was surrounded by a further five-lobed curtain wall. The difference in constructions indicates that there was some social hierarchy. The walls were made of overlapping stone blocks and not from a single monolith. The doors and windows were for the first time usable, and their shoulders slightly tilted in order to reduce the entry of light and decrease the risk of breaking the lintel. The latter were thicker in the center and less on the sides, demonstrating the fact that he understood that the lintels break in the center. During the Iron Age, sewers and a road system were built. The Nuraghe and the village were strategically connected to a system of other nuraghe and nuragic sites, such as the polylobed one found during archaeological excavations. The complex was in fact discovered between 1950 and 1957, under the direction of the Baruminese archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu. The excavations have brought to light important remains of tools, weapons, pottery and ornamental objects.


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Viale Su Nuraxi
09021 Barumini


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