Fortezza Firmafede

The Fortress

fortress Firmafede , also known as the Citadel,è an imposing defensive structure on the edge of the city walls&Outdoors; inside the center of Sarzana old.

During the fifteenth century, the cityà become an important strategic point when Lorenzo the Magnificent decides to transform the village into a military stronghold of the Florentine dominion. The existing fortification, built by Pisani in the thirteenth century, was completely destroyed and rebuilt. In 1496 the fortress switches to the Banco di San Giorgio, and since 1562 the Republic of Genoa, where he stayed until 1797. In the nineteenth century, with the’ annexation of the Republic to the Kingdom of Savoy and the radical changes of defensive strategies, the fortress is used before as barracks police and later as a prison until the seventies of the twentieth century.

Today the fort, entirely restored, houses exhibition spaces , festivals and cultural events. Since 2016 its spaces are also home to the Museum Fortresses (MudeF) through an interactive and multimedia exhibition tells the history and characteristics of the Lunigiana through its forts, customs and inserting costumes in their living environment and historian.


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Via Cittadella (fortezza)
19038 Sarzana


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