Rocca di Montefiore Conca

Montefiore Conca Castle

Montefiore Conca is the medieval capital of the Conca Valley and was certainly one of the favorite villages of the Malatesta family; it is a fascinating and historically important place that, not surprisingly, is part of the prestigious circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy and the Orange Flags.

The castle, taking advantage of its severe and imposing geometries, dominates the village as a stone sentinel of the Malatesta lands and offers truly unique views as it stands on a promontory from which the gaze can embrace the coast from Fano to Ravenna.

Built by the will of Malatesta III known as "the Guastafamiglia" around 1337, it became a real luxury noble residence, later chosen as the favorite residence of some members of the powerful family: Galeotto Malatesta known as the Ardito, brother of Guastafamiglia, Malatesta IV known as the Hungarian, grandson of the same and was the birthplace of Malatesta Novello in 1377 (called "Belfiore") son of the Ardito.

The splendid fourteenth-century frescoes made by Jacopo Avanzi in the "Emperor's" room, which are inspired by the Aeneid, make the environment that boasts truly remarkable dimensions precious and unique; the beautiful vault, once also frescoed, is 13.70 meters from the ground.

Over the centuries, the castle hosted important personalities such as the King of Hungary, the Emperor Sigismund, some Popes including Gregory XII and the famous warrior Pope Julius II.

Built on the ruins of an ancient structure for exclusively defensive use (the Castrum Montis Floris) of which we find historical documents as early as the 12th century, over the centuries it underwent some structural alterations carried out mostly by Malatesta Ungaro and later by Sigismondo Pandolfo who he adapted it, strengthening it, to the arrival of the first firearms.

The last Malatesta at the fortress was Sigismondo Pandolfo who, due to the excommunication received, had to surrender to the will of Pope Pius II Piccolomini and his Papal Legate Niccolò Forteguerri of which the coats of arms clearly visible on the Curina door remain.


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Via II Giugno
47834 Montefiore Conca


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