Civic Archaeological Museum of Sarteano

The Civic Archaeological Museum of Sarteano

The Archaeological Civic Museum of Sarteano is housed in the sixteenth-century Palazzo Gabrielli, a few steps from the main square of the town, and collects materials from the numerous Etruscan necropolises in the area, included in a chronological period from the 9th to the 1st century BC.

The visit to the Sarteano museum begins with the finds from the well tombs of Sferracavalli and from the tombs of Poggio Rotondo, including the splendid canopes (the cinerary urns in human form), among which the female one on the throne holding the ax symbol of power. In the third room, then, the elegant cippus in fetid stone from the locality of Sant'Angelo is exhibited, which represents the scenes of an Etruscan funeral ceremony, and the painted ceramics of the fifth and fourth centuries BC from the necropolis of the Palazzina.

The entire lower floor has recently been enlarged and set up to house the new discoveries in the Pianacce necropolis. Here, a room is entirely dedicated to the life-size scenographic reconstruction of the extraordinary painted tomb of the 4th century BC called the Infernal Quadriga, whose pictorial cycle is among the most significant of Etruscan art, with exceptionally original scenes linked to the imaginary of the world. otherworldly. A real "hellish" journey was the one that awaited the spirits of the dead on their last journey to the afterlife, among monstrous animals and demons: the protagonist of the fresco is Charun, the Etruscan counterpart of the Greek Charon, who with the flaming hair and spirited gaze guided the souls into the afterlife leading the infernal chariot, drawn by two lions and two griffins.


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Via Roma, 24
53047 Sarteano


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