Raccolta archeologica Collezione Pallavicini

Pallavicini Collection of Trequanda

Archaeological collection - Palavicini Collection of Trequanda is located on the upper floor of the building that houses the "Dino Galluzzi" multi-purpose hall. He was sold to the municipality in 2011 by the economist Giancarlo Pallavicini he carries the name.

Being a little more than 200 pieces, the exposure allows the visitor to cancel the distances, hugging the totality of the artifacts with his eyes. The central collection core, put together in the nineteenth century, is partly formed by materials from land owned by the family, to which various pieces purchased on the antique market were added during the 1970s.

The initial lot of the collection includes bronze and ceramic objects from Villanoviana (IX-VIII sec. BC), Italo-geometric pottery (fine VIII-First half VII century BC), Etrusco-Corinzio (VII-VI century AC) , Numerous Buccheri (VII-VI Sec. BC), Etruscan vessels with black figures (fine VI-Starts V sec. BC). They are all materials attributable to a southern Etruscan area production, probably limiting hinterland and perhaps to the Visentina area.

In the Pallavicini collection of Trequanda, moreover, there are ceramics of Greek origin that fall within the materials that circulated in the Etruscan area (5th century A.C.) and various ceramic specimens from southern Italy, with a strong presence of finds produced in northern Puglia.


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Via Taverne, 46
53020 Trequanda


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