Museo di Strumentaria Medica

The Sienese collections of ancient medical instruments

The Sienese collections of ancient medical instruments (enclosed in the medical instrumentary museum of the University of Siena) testify to the great activity of the University in research and teaching of sciences, with particular regard to the health environment. They come partly from the millennial Santa Maria della Scala hospital, home of the medical faculty, and university institutions.

The University of Siena has been committed to over two decades, thanks to the activity of the then center for the protection and enhancement of the ancient scientific heritage (Cutvap) Today Center Simus, in the systematic collection, safeguard, cataloging, photographic recovery, restoration Conservative and finalization of scientific goods. He therefore wanted to dedicate to his collections of medical historical instrumentary, as well as innumerable private donations, a venue articulated in two sites: an exhibition and representation place in the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena with a selection of the most important medical collections and a deposit Organized by tools, aimed at studying and research activity, based in the scientific complex of San Miniato.

Furthermore, the medical instrumentary museum promotes guidance, training and updating initiatives on cultural heritage, in particular scientific scope, in close collaboration with the Central Institute for the Catalog and Documentation. The museum also carries out scientific verification activities for teetotal bodies and is committed, thanks to its collections, in internships and dissemination of medical sciences, with particular regard to the university population of medicine and schools of all order and grade (Escac project ).


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Via Pier Andrea Mattioli, 4/b
53100 Siena


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