Villa romana del Varignano

The Villa

L’ archaeological site Roman Villa Varignano keeps the mill più olive oil; oldest of Liguria. The Roman Villaè located in a particularly favorable position, the bottom of a’ protected cove in resortà Le Grazie Portovenere, rich in water and surrounded by a land of olive groves.

This settlement was part of a broad approdie  system; fundi  built by the Romans in’ wide gulf of La Spezia and related to the close basin  portus Lunae . The archaeological investigations have brought to light a large complex with a private dock on the sea, which brought together the characteristics of the  rustic villa and seaside villa d’ leisurely   and he had a long life, between the end of the second century BC and the beginning of V d.C century.

In particular, the exceptional preservation of the production space with the presses mills, dating to età sillana, allows to trace all the production phases of oil così as described in ancient treaties, the run storage of olive’ oil. The villa is enriched in the first century A.D. structures aimed at the main amenities, such as a thermal plant and a large cistern to collect water. The villa preserves valuable examples of colored mosaics as evidence of a housing residential high qualityà ;. Around all’ year 1000 Olivetan monks began to cultivate the land and the ruins of the villa are used for terraces: is implanted again l’ olive groves, but also vineyards and orchards.


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Via Varignano Vecchio (Villa)
19025 Portovenere


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