Museo Archeologico della Val Grande

Museo Archeologico Del Parco Nazionale Della Val Grande

The Archaeological Museum of the National Park of Val Grandeè one of the museum cells of’ Regional Ecomuseum of Soapstone and Stonemasons, recognized by the Piedmont Region, in 2007.

archaeological and ethnographic Navigation with materials coming from the necropolis of Val Vigezzo, illustrates methods, techniques and ancient and traditional artifacts soapstone and beyond. The historic building was once the seat of the court, in which are preserved frescoes and an old stone fireplace on the first floor and the structures of a former dairy in the basement, it houses a museum that tells the più ancient history of Val Vigezzo and Val Grande through local archaeological findings - particularly the Roman necropolis of Craveggia and late antique and materials from Malesco collection Toceno, Santa Maria Maggiore. The record shows, right from’ età Roman, l’ importance of working stone and especially soapstone. The archaeological theme therefore connects to moreù vast historical and ethnographic subject of multiple uses  of the stone and of the activitiesà quarry and processing of soapstone in the Vigezzo Valley and in the territory of the Val Grande.

Visit the Archaeological Museum of Soapstone is to discover how a local resource over the centuries has marked the life of the communityà locals. The Museum welcomes the fact più Vigezzo ancient artifacts, dating back to’ età Bronze, when the local stone was used to produce molds for metal casting. The path continues with a rich set of d&rsquo kits; età Roman: through them you look like mountain resources have allowed extensive trading. The exhibits in soapstone, pottery, glass, silver, iron ... be able to learn the ancient craft techniques. It is then specifically examined the issue of the processing of soapstone in his millennial development.


In 2013è inaugurated the new geological section that places’ attention to some important geological phenomena of the territory.


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Piazza Ettore Romagnoli
28854 Malesco


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