Museo Civico di Castelbuono

The Museum

The Civicè an art-historical museum&Outdoors; inside of the fourteenth-century Castle of Ventimiglia. It began to build in 1317 by Count Francesco Ventimiglia on St. Peter of Ypsigro hill, from which the name of "Castle of Good aere", which was named Castelbuono. L’ original architecture presents compositional characteristics Arab-Norman-Swabian . The Castleè It consists of three angular towers and from a pre-existing round tower of Byzantine era (XII century). All’ inside a courtyard with a damage staircase access to the two upper floors, all’ interior of which I now know are the permanent exhibitions of planning, archeology, religious art and modern art and simultaneously. On the ground floor are regularly hosted exhibitions d’ contemporary art. On the second floor, next to the Sacred Art section is the evocative Chapel Platina , decorated with stucco Brothers Giuseppe and Giacomo Serpotta, run in the 1683, where in a silver reliquary (1521)è relic of the skull of St. Anne, patron saint of Castelbuono together to artistic "Coro" wood (1760), the work of sculptor Castelbuono Domenico Coco.

Extinguished the main branch of the Ventimiglia family, the Castle in 1920 it was acquired by citizens through a public collection, then donated to the City of Castelbuono, which has made it public enjoyment. The structural restoration and the intervention of museum design, completed in 2011, have made it possible to define  of a museum institution. Todayè an active culture producer, engaged in the promotion of the historical and artistic local and Mediterranean heritage through contemporary languages.


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Piazza Castello
90013 Castelbuono


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