Palazzo Borgia Museo Diocesano di Pienza

The Diocesan Museum of Pienza

The Diocesan Museum of Pienza is located in the Palazzo Vescovile or Palazzo Borgia, in the architectural complex of the square and the cathedral that constitutes the monumental fulcrum of the renewal desired by the Pope Humanist Pio II Piccolomini and built by Bernardo Rossellino. Born from the core of the already rich museum of the cathedral, integrated by numerous works of art from other churches of the territory, the Diocesan Museum of Pienza at Palazzo Borgia is articulated in 11 rooms that collect testimonies of the Territà and of the neighboring municipalities.

The collection presents significant testimonies of the fourteenth-century Sienese figurative art, such as the masterpiece of Pietro Lorenzetti, the famous Madonna of Monticchiello, and the large table with the Madonna of the Mercy of Bartolo di Fredi, originally placed in the Baptistery Panto. Very represented, with works of a very high quality, it is the Sienese school of the fifteenth century, where the splendid table of the old man with the Madonna in throne stands between the saints Biagio, Giovanni Battista, Nicola and Floriano, painted that proves updated on Florentine news either As for the clear and clear brightness that for the use of perspective. Splendida also the sixteenth-century Madonna della Misericordia of Luca Signorelli, but also the Renaissance sculptures of Domenico di Niccolò dei Cori, without forgetting the subsequent works of the Sienese school, with works by Vincenzo Rustici, Francesco Rustici, Bernardino Mei and Giuseppe Nicola Nasini.

Particularly significant is the collection of objects of goldsmiths ranging from the XIII to the nineteenth century, including the liturgical furnishings donated by Pius II to the cathedral. The most prized piece of the Diocesan Museum of Pienza at Palazzo Borgia is Pio II's pivial, the liturgical cladding donated by the Despota Tommaso Paleologo to the Pope and from them, subsequently, to the cathedral. The robe, of English manufacture, is decorated with twenty-seven stories of the Virgin and life testifies to the illuminated personality of Pius II, the undisputed protagonist of the history of Pienza.


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Corso il Rossellino, 30
53026 Pienza


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