The Abbey of Santo Spirito al Morrone

The Abbey of Santo Spirito al Morrone has represented for centuries the most important and famous settlement of the Congregation of the Celestines as well as the fulcrum of the cultural, religious and civil life of a vast territory. The monumental complex, which occupies an area of 16,600 square meters, is located just 5 km from the center of Sulmona in the locality of Badia, in the foothills of Morrone, in a territory since the ancient deputy to sacredness and always in dialogue with the neighbor Hermitage of S. Onofrio, favorite refuge of Fra Pietro and with the imposing Sanctuary of Ercole Curino. The origins of the Abbey are linked to the figure of Pietro di Angelerio, Benedictine monk, hermit, founder of the Celestine order and Pope with the name of Celestino V. It will be he who will begin its construction by probably expanding the church of Santa Maria dating back to the first mid-thirteenth century and then promoting the construction of a new church dedicated to the Holy Spirit with an adjoining monastery. In addition to guided tours, conferences, exhibition events and concerts take place in the Abbey's rooms, which are transforming the complex into a driving force of culture.

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Via Badia, 28
67039 Sulmona


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