Musei del Duomo di Modena

The Duomo Museums

del Duomo Museum , located at’ interior of’ respect area of ​​the UNESCO site of Modena and divided into two collections, complete the visit to the Cathedral allowing you to fully understand the history and stories .L’ original core of the Lapidary Museum è composed of sculptural artefacts found during the relevant restoration Cathedral of the late nineteenth century. The collection includes sculptures and Roman reliefs, used primarily as reuse of material for the construction of the Cathedral, fragments relating to previous early medieval cathedrals, finds età Romanesque - including the famous series of Metopes - ancient inscriptions, medieval and modern. The Cathedral Museum with an invaluable artistic and liturgical apparatus dating from’ Roman times to the nineteenth century, including furniture, sculptures, ancient relics, tapestries, paintings and codes. Among the più works; ancient, part of the Treasury of the Cathedral, they remember the precious altarpiece of San Geminiano (XI-XII sec.), the Evangeliary produced in the scriptorium of Nonantola (end XI - early XII sec.) and characterized by a refined tying silver and ivory, the Relatio, the text of the XII century, which contains the record of the Cathedral construction and Stauroteca with tie in the ninth century gold, probably costantipolitana origin.


Permanent Collection

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Via Lanfranco, 4
41121 Modena

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