Museo Archeologico Nazionale Giorgio Asproni

The National Archaeological Museum Asproni Giorgio

The National Archaeological Museum Asproni Giorgio is located in the historical center of Nuoro, near the Cathedral of Santa Maria. The Archaeological Museum is located in the ancient palace owned by Giorgio Asproni, intellectual and Sardinian politician of the twentieth century. The museum collection is very diverse and includes finds from the territory of the historic province of Nuoro from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages. The most important collection is age-related nuragica with reproductions of some of the monuments of Sa Sedda 'e Sos Corros Oliena. The exhibition features mostly materials from places of worship characterized by well temples and sacred springs and bronzetti. The prenuragic collection consists of very ancient materials, such as: pottery, skeletons and skulls with signs of trepanation for magical reasons - religious. The Hellenistic period has elements of great value as decorated pottery from Ancient Greece and especially from Puglia. Roman period dating epigraphs, amphorae and a military diploma, ie a certificate of a Roman soldier in the army at the time of Trajan. He concludes the tour route medieval collection with artifacts from Posada Castle.


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Via Mannu, 1
08100 Nuoro


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